Stress-free School Prep:

Sure, school has barely ended, but preparing over the next few months for the upcoming school year can alleviate much of the stress that comes with sending the kiddos off on that big yellow bus on the first day back to school. Research has shown that, on average, a student’s achievement scores can decline during summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning, and that this decline is more pronounced at higher grade levels. Which means that summertime learning loss — also referred to as the “summer

Cool Teachers Care

“Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”  – Andy Rooney Without question, teachers impact more individual lives than nearly any other profession. And while the Kati Fischer Teacher of the Year program is currently flourishing in each school, Wasatch County School District, along with Labrum Chevrolet, Buick and Ford, conceived of an additional way to thank the lifeblood of the district and launched Cool

WHS Food Pantry Nourishes Students

Nearly 15 percent of children in Wasatch County are food insecure, according to Feeding America. In hard numbers, that’s 1,350 kids under the age of 18 – 52 percent of whom are estimated to be ineligible for federal nutrition assistance. To help curb that troubling statistic, Wasatch High School decided to try to make a tangible difference for the underserved in our community. This year, WHS launched its Community of Caring class in which the students’ main prerogative is to manage the WHS Food Pantry. The pantry,…