Quaint Beginnings Of Swiss Days

As the crowds have grown, Swiss Days has struggled to find balance between the spirit of community celebration and the reality of a world-class production. Some worry that the spirit of it has gotten lost somewhere along the way. Finding That Balance When asked whether the Swiss Days Executive Committee takes this balance into consideration, Chairman Randy Bradley responds, “All. The. Time.” “There are some people who would love to take it back, make it smaller, make it more simple,” he explains. But making it smaller…

Just Serve

If you’ve tried in the past to find service opportunities in the Heber Valley but were unsuccessful, you’re not alone. It’s not that there aren’t opportunities out there — historically they’ve just been hard to find. Now, thanks to JustServe.org and a group of Heber Valley residents, you’re just a few clicks away from serving your community. JustServe is a website that lists local service opportunities and helps make serving our communities easier. Anyone can go to the site, type in his or her zip code, and dozens of…

Dog Days of Summer

“Come By.” “Away To Me.” “That’ll Do.” Sound familiar? These are just a few of the commands sheepdog handlers often use while herding. Throughout history, wherever there have been sheep, mankind has used dogs to help corral them. Quick as a whip, smart enough to follow commands and gentle enough to not harm the sheep, these dogs have performed herding duties for centuries. As handlers spend countless hours training their dogs to precision, it’s only natural that they’d want show off all of that hard work. As early as the…

A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Spring

If you’re waiting for warmer weather before you get out your pole and fly box, you’re missing out on some great fly fishing! Summer is popular for fishing because there are a lot of hatches and fishers can use bigger flies, but spring has several of its own great hatches, too. It’s also the first time of the year you can start catching fi sh on top of the water with a dry fly, rather than nymph fishing below the surface.
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