Adventure Your Potential Training for Life

Have you ever wanted to go out and run 200 miles of mountain terrain just because you could? This is a question that not a lot of people ask themselves, but what if you could? What if you could just go and do because you were physically and mentally prepared to do so? My name is Ben Light, and I am a husband, father, ultrarunner, coach, and overall life-liver from Heber City. For the past decade, my second home has been the mountains here along the Wasatch Front. If you have had the chance to spend even a few minutes…

Light Speed

Written by Ben Light with contributing editor Julie Moulton You might know Ben Light from throwing down at 200-mile races; he completed the Triple Crown of 200s in 2017 and has paced, volunteered or ran all three races every year since their debut in the ultra-running scene six years ago. You might have heard about Ben tackling the Spine® Race, a brutal 268-mile winter ultra in the United Kingdom with a notoriously-low finisher rate. He was one of the first Americans to take on the race, and when the