Extreme Skier Meets Cowboy

What do you get when an extreme skier partners up with a cowboy and his horse? It’s called skijoring. Never heard of it? Skijoring has actually been around for centuries. The Norweigan phrase translated means ski driving or driving with skis.

Still Striking 50 Years Later

As you walk into Holiday Lanes, it’s like you’ve stepped back in time. Peach, turquoise, and gold adorn the back wall above the 12 bowling lanes. Faux wood paneling surrounds the sound of falling pins. There are no flashing lights. No big screen televisions. No lounge chairs. Nothing glitzy about it. However most days, you’ll be greeted by Owner Phyllis Christensen.

Derrick Boudwin

Derrick Boudwin was 18 when he was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which robs people of their eyesight. The doctor told him he would eventually have to deal with losing his vision, but he didn’t know it would completely change him. Music turned out to be the key to lifting his sadness.

Happy Trails to You

The most desirable communities found in the United States have one thing in common — trails. Heber City is no different. As the third fastest growing city in the United States for its size, the area offers an amazing 150 miles of trails to hikers, bikers, horseback riders, bird watchers and anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors. As people continue to move into the valley, the number of trails will increase as well. “As our population grows, there will be more trails; the trails will be more diversified and get more use,”…