Arizona Trail 800-mile Showdown

On October 15-27th 2022, both ultra-endurance athletes Ben Light and Mike McKnight will embark on a remarkable challenge. They will each face off and race one other across the Arizona Trail with the goal of breaking the current (supported) Fastest Known Time of 13 days 3 hrs 21 mins. The Arizona Trail is an 800-mile recreation trail that connects Mexico to Utah through mountain ranges, canyons, deserts, wilderness, forests and communities.

To make things more challenging, the duo will not be running together, but will be racing each other – in opposite directions. That’s right. In this first of its kind event, Ben and Mike will race each other but will go opposite directions. One will begin on the Utah border and the other on the Mexico border of Arizona. To determine who will start where, the two have teamed up with Aravaipa Running to do a LIVE coin toss on Monday October 10th at 1pm (Mountain Time). The winner of the coin toss will choose their direction and the loser will choose the starting time.

Ben and Mike are honored to be both taking on this remarkable 800-mile challenge while raising funds in support of two non-profit organizations that serve our local communities. Ben will be raising donations for Bigger Than The Trail and Mike will be raising donations for RODS Heros. Their goal is to raise $25,000 that will be split evenly between the two organizations.

Raffle Giveaway…for every dollar donated, the donor will be given one raffle ticket. Once the project is completed and all donations are received, those who donated will be entered into a Raffle Giveaway that consists of over 50 prizes totaling over $7,500. (One prize per winner)

Here is the official LINK to the LIVE coin toss that will be hosted by Aravapia Running on their YouTube channel. It is scheduled to go LIVE at 1pm (MST) Monday October 10th.

Visit to know more about the project, donate, and to track the event.


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