Meet the Woman Living Every Child’s Dream

Whether you say “Wigg-lish” or “Wiggle-ish,” there’s no denying that Wigglish is a different kind of toy store. It is, in fact, Heber Valley’s only specialty toy store.

Amy Schulthess learned about the wide world of imaginative and creative play while living in Paris, France, with her husband and two young children.

After moving to the Heber Valley with her family, she saw the need for a great toy store in the area. So, she put her knowledge and love of special and unique toys to work. Quickly thereafter, Wigglish toy store was born.

Hand-Selected,  Mother-Approved

Amy’s philosophy is “fewer toys, better quality.” That philosophy drives her passionate focus when people come in looking for the perfect gift. To Amy, if a toy she recommends happens to become a family heirloom in the future…. Well, then, her job is done.

While 90 percent of Wigglish’s business comes from its online store, that hasn’t changed Amy’s goal of having a brick and mortar store where kids can come in and experience the toys. She cherishes this local face-to-face interaction and loves seeing excited customers. Her staff feels the same and takes pleasure in recognizing returning visitors.

Unlike your typical big-box store owner, if you ask Amy about a certain toy, she will know everything about it. That is because she hand-picks them all herself. She visits yearly trade shows, always with local parents and children in mind. Being a mom herself, she shops like a mom for her store and her customers. It is easy to see that Amy and her staff love their customers just as much as their toys.

Toys for the Holidays

What started out as a primarily online store has continuously expanded in the six years Wigglish has been open — and the toys are taking up more and more of the front room. The toys, however, now share the space with unique holiday home decor and specialty Christmas items, as the store is ready for a busy holiday season.

Just as with her toys, Amy is very selective of what she stocks for the holidays and every year she brings in the latest trends in holiday home décor. And if you find yourself in need of assistance, Amy and her staff are always there to help present-buyers choose the perfect gift from the holiday catalog or from the selection of specialty items in the store.

So, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind presents for friends and family this holiday season, chances are, Amy and Wigglish have you covered.

“The bigger the bow, the better the present.”
A little trick of the trade Amy learned from her grandmother, who also owned a specialty shop in Wyoming when Amy was growing up — and one of the reasons why Wigglish offers free gift wrapping with every full-priced purchase.

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