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Cracking the Code to Real Change

When Ida Sapp was a new mother, her daughter became very sick. She was underweight, experienced severe allergies, and her skin was raw from eczema. Ida took her to numerous doctors, naturopaths, and homeopaths, begging each to determine what was wrong with her child. “She just got sicker and sicker,” Ida explains. “At one point, she couldn’t walk because she didn’t have skin on her legs. When she was seven, she started showing memory problems, which was really concerning.” Discouraged and desperate, Ida took her daughter to a chiropractor who also worked with energy healing. The chiropractor pushed on her daughter’s belly and rubbed his hands over her head — then he sent them on their way. What happened next felt miraculous. Almost immediately, Ida’s daughter could walk again, and within ten days, her skin was completely clear. Her digestion improved, and Ida’s seven-year struggle was finally over as her daughter’s health began to improve consistently.

Whatever this was that healed her child, Ida had to find out more about it. What she discovered was the deep and fascinating world of energy work. After delving into her research and exploration, Ida felt called to work in the field, helping others who were struggling, just like her family had been for so long. She researched several modalities, ultimately finding that what resonated with her the most was The Body Code technique.

The Body Code is a particular form of energy work that relies on the principle that everything is energy. We are supposed to experience emotions, learn from them, and then let them go. Sometimes, these emotions become “stuck,” and these unprocessed emotional energies manifest in real problems with our health, relationships, and careers. Anyone who has ever experienced stress headaches or gotten an upset stomach from nervousness knows how emotions can appear as physical problems in the body. The Body Code focuses on correcting imbalances in our subconscious that create barriers to moving forward in our lives. Ida found her passion in helping people break through those barriers to become the best version of themselves. After a few years of studying and practicing, Ida became a certified Body Code Coach.

We have all wanted to make significant strides in life. We yearn for better health, more enriching relationships, and a stronger sense of balance in our lives. Yet, for many of us, these goals frequently feel like dreams on the horizon, just out of reach, and we don’t know how to make them a reality. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve had unmet expectations (oooooh, me!) or like you’re a bit stuck where you are (also me!!), you may be struggling with breaking past blocks in your subconscious that are holding you back from reaching your potential. If given the opportunity to have someone step in and give you the boost you need to correct your energy imbalances and live a more empowered life, would you take it?

Well, I did! Despite my skepticism for anything that falls heavily into what I call the “woo-woo, New Agey stuff,” I agreed to let Ida work on me — and you know what — it works! In the year since I began doing Ida’s Body Code sessions, I have made some pretty significant changes. Here are just a few; I was able to unload a project taking a great deal of energy and causing a large amount of stress in my life. I broke through some financial barriers that I couldn’t have imagined a short time ago — I bought a bigger house, doubled my income, and got out of debt. And I found more clarity about what I want — and what I don’t want — in my life.

I’m not the only client of Ida’s who has had success; another client of Ida’s had been suffering for almost twenty years from back pain and severe arthritis due to two broken vertebrae that hadn’t healed properly. She worked with Ida for two months, and, in that time, her back pain decreased tremendously. Her mobility increased to a point where she finally felt like she had her quality of life back.

When another client’s marriage was affected by her chronic headaches, insomnia, heavy feelings of despair, and deep emotional anguish, she began taking the Body Code sessions. After working with Ida, she finally started sleeping again, her headaches subsided, her marriage improved, she found a new job, and has a newfound joy for life. Now her husband is working with Ida, too! These are the stories that inspire Ida every day and make her excited about her work.

One of the reasons why I believe Ida is so good at what she does is because, as fulfilling as her job is, balancing her work with raising a family is something that she struggles with too. She gets her clients. She understands them. Ida works out of a shed in their yard that her husband converted into an office, and she tries to fit all her hours in while the children are at school. “There are also the normal daily requirements of cooking, cleaning, shopping, and running the kids around,” she says. “Some days, I feel like a taskmaster instead of an ally and champion to my children. I have had to work hard to build intentional, relaxed time with my children into my day.”

Seeing her clients make radical transformations is what keeps Ida going. She loves being able to watch people make positive changes in their lives due to her work. Knowing how hard it is to look for answers and come up empty-handed, she is excited to offer people an opportunity to affect real change in their lives. Ida has expanded her business to include coaching, which allows her to increase her Body Code sessions and use her breadth of knowledge to support clients in moving forward and achieving significant growth. “I love seeing people empowered,” Ida says. “Lately, I have been working with several women who are at a crossroads in their lives. The transformation that takes place and the sense of empowerment that they gain over a short period of time has been very rewarding.”

To learn more about Ida Sapp and her work, visit idasapp.com.

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