The Social Experiment

Heber Valley’s Supper Club Takes It Up A Notch

Most local foodies are already familiar with Main Street Social’s beautiful patio — a charming, shady oasis to enjoy in summer for fantastic food, crafty libations, and live music. Talented restaurant team: Ashley and Vanessa Chapman, and Erik Zabriskie have been innovative and conscientious in running a quality dining experience in the historic brick building in the heart of Heber. With the restaurant’s success quickly snowballing past the original vision, Main Street Social recently decided to rethink the dining experience in the Heber Valley and launched The Social Experiment.

Described as Heber Valley’s only supper club, The Social Experiment is open Friday and Saturday nights, with a single prix fixe menu that changes weekly. With theme-based dinners like French Cuisine, Cattleman’s Dinner, and Street Food of Southern Italy, their thoughtfully designed menus treat you to a three-course feast meant to be enjoyed by the entire table. Many dishes are served family-style and use locally sourced ingredients. For those who partake, theme-appropriate cocktails are available to complement each unique meal.

Social Media With A Side Of Beef Wellington

After being tempted for weeks by varying mouthwatering menus featured on The Social Experiment’s website, social media, and email, a picture of beef Wellington on their Facebook page finally lured me in. I grabbed a friend on a chilly evening, and we took refuge within the cozy brick walls of the main dining room, a tiny space with no more than half a dozen tables. The space is intimate, perfect for a romantic date night or a relaxing night out with a friend or two.

The food trickled out in stages and was nothing short of divine. The only fault of the snug space was the inability to mask my moans as I relished each dish they brought out. In true Main Street Social fashion, they were able to take a seemingly ordinary food item and make it extraordinary. For example, the first course started with pigs in a blanket, but these were not hot dogs wrapped in bread. Perfectly spiced sausages with layers of flavor were wrapped up in fluffy dough and served with delicious, whole grain mustard for dipping. A tiny mug of leek and potato soup was like a hot vichyssoise that warmed me up from the inside out. Even the deviled eggs were artisanal, infused with subtle hints of cumin and topped with candied bacon. And that was just to start!

The main course featured what was most definitely the pièce de résistance: the picturesque beef Wellington, a remarkably tender and bright red filet of beef blanketed in beautifully browned phyllo dough with picture-perfect criss-cross cuts fit for Instagram. The savory truffle-infused mashed potatoes and maple glazed root vegetables were served family-style. (Somehow, they even made turnips taste good!)

Our fantastic feast ended with rich bread pudding for dessert. I barely tasted the deep flavors of raisins and pecans, drizzled with light vanilla custard, because I was too stuffed at this point to fit anything else into my belly. Then home again, home again, jiggity-jig to put on my comfy pants and recline on my couch in a meat coma.

An Exciting Future

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my first experience at The Social Experiment. If you’ve visited Main Street Social before, you won’t be surprised by The Social Experiment’s well-designed menu, incredible quality food, and impeccable service. However, you might be surprised by how enjoyable the new format of this Supper Club is. I’m sure you’ll be pleased and delighted by the cozy and intimate space, being pampered with a three-course meal, and not having to make any decisions — except for which week(s) you will go!

Vanessa describes the new format as “an ambitious undertaking” but finds it fulfilling to be able to highlight their creativity. The team is still discussing what steps to take next, and there are some exciting possibilities for how the restaurant will operate after this season. What the future holds is unknown, but one thing is for sure — The Social Experiment is bringing foodie culture to the Heber Valley.

Learn more information at 98 S Main St, Heber, 435-657-6534 or