The Great American Food Truck

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Check at their website


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Menu Sections

Hot Dogs

Chicago-style Hot Dog

the classic with mustard, onion, relish, tomato, dill pickle, sport pepper and celery salt $7

New York-style Hot Dog

New York’s favorite with sautéed onion and chili sauce topped with mustard, sauerkraut on request $7

Seattle-style Hot Dog

Seattle classic with cream cheese and butter, sautéed onions topped with grilled jalapeños $7

Detroit Coney Dog

Coney sauce (spicy), chopped onion, mustard, can be topped with a nice cheese sauce $7

Slaw Dog

Alabama-style topped with southern slaw, or go Carolina-style by adding chili and mustard $7

Cincinnati Chili Dog

Cincinnati chili, chopped onion, mustard, topped with lots of finely shredded cheddar $7

Plain Hot Dog

plain hot hog, add your favorite condiments $4

Corn Dogs & nachos

specialty Corn Dogs

a variety of honey-battered corn dogs, topped in any hot dog style or design your own such as cheese and jalapeño or honey-drizzled $4-$7

Loaded Nachos

classic loaded nachos topped with ground beef, diced tomatos, diced onions, fresh sliced jalapeños, cheese and sour cream $8


nachos and cheese $5


Cheesecake Roll

simply delicious $3


Bottled Soft Drinks $2

Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Orange Crush

Bottled Water $1

Texas Sweet Tea $3

Fresh Lemonade $3

fresh made today from our special recipe mix sweet tea and lemonade and make
it an Arnold Palmer (in season)

ice cream

small $4 medium $6 large $9 by the pint $10

Bubble Gum, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, Dolce de Leche, Mint Chocolate Chip, Oreo, Vanilla, Wildberry Cheesecake


Menu Sections