The Classics Come to Heber

The Annual “Back to the 50’s” Car Show

Heber City hosted a popular Car Show on Saturday, June 27, 2020. The “Back to the 50’s” Car Show was held at Heber City Park and included music and awards. JC Hackett, radio personality for Oldies station KCPX, was the organizer, and this is his 27th year hosting the Heber City show. The proceeds from the show will go to charities, including The Alzheimer’s Foundation and the Utah 1033 Foundation for families of Fallen Law Enforcement Officers.

Some accommodations were made due to the current COVID pandemic. For example, the cars were parked wider than usual and social distancing was encouraged. An “Attend Event at your Own Risk” sign was also posted at entry points.

Local participant Cindy Cooper was at the show displaying a ’57 Ranchero and a ’64 Oasis trailer. She participates every year and said she was “thrilled” to be at the show this year. According to Cooper, everyone was “really nice, waiting for people to come out [of the trailer], and then the next group would go in. They’re not all crowding like they usually do. Everybody’s been really respectful.”

West Jordan resident, John Dixon, was in Heber showing his award-winning “Betty Boop” car. The original body is almost 100-years-old but now is a bright, candy-apple color, with Betty Boop custom paint. It’s also been updated with a Windsor motor and a motorcycle front end.

Not all of the entries were cars. Rocky Bowlby brought his 1978 racing boat to the show, with its custom black paint and carburetor gold-plating. He came to Heber Saturday to go boating, but then saw the car show and decided to enter, winning an unexpected award for his unique watercraft.

Cooper added that she was pleased with the turnout at the show. She also noticed that “everyone seems so happy to be out.” More information can be found on JC Hackett’s Car Shows and Cruise Nights at

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