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Brighter Side Of Life

We certainly get our fair share of bright and sunny days on an average summer in Northern Utah. As residents of the Heber Valley, our weather might be even a little nicer than surrounding geographies. Despite this wonderous and natural reality, all things community-minded in the Heber Valley are not always equally bright and shiny. If such a razzle-dazzle reality physically surrounds us, why is there room for such contention and discontent? Earlier in my life, I was heavily preoccupied with fly fishing and travel. It just…

Tail Gating

Not long ago, setting up a day-use camp in a ski resort parking lot would have been considered strictly taboo. There would have been a high likelihood that, should you bust out a tailgating kit, a resort employee would be out in short order explaining that you needed to pack up your chairs and that — barbeque grill — or you will need to leave the property. Others might be observing in bewilderment, silently pondering, “Don’t they know that you are supposed to eat and relax in the lodge?” Like many other variables today, the…