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Get Hooked on Fishing

When families come to the Heber Valley, it’s usually to take advantage of the many outdoor recreational activities our beautiful valley boasts: mountain biking, hiking, snowmobiling, and more! As Spring awakens the land and the rivers swell with fresh mountain snow runoff, one of the more popular family adventures is fishing. And no wonder, with eleven new state fishing records set in Utah last year, alone!  Our valley is ideally situated at the base of the Uintah Mountain range – the birthplace of many rivers that not…

Snowmobile in Heber Valley

Despite growing up in the Midwest and spending many recreation days in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I had never ridden a snowmobile until I moved to Utah. The first time my family came to visit me, I took them out to Stillman Ranch in Oakley for a guided tour. I was too chicken to drive, so I rode on the sled with the guide. (This was pre-COVID and is not frequently offered as an option anymore.) Three years later, snowmobiling is one of my favorite winter activities! Whether you’re a seasoned snowmobiler or a first-timer,…

Envision Central Heber: Stakeholder Workshops on November 30

Envision Central Heber is an opportunity to honor the heart of our region and City. We love Heber and want to take good care of it, ensuring it will flourish now and for future generations. Heber is growing, and in preparation, we're always planning. In 2020 Heber City approved the Envision Heber 2050 Vision and General Plan, which provides overall direction for the entire City. We're now focusing on Central Heber. We'll examine Main Street, surrounding neighborhoods, and a planned recreation and tourism district near the…
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