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Container Gardening

The soil is finally thawing, the sap’s beginning to run, and for those of us who choose to garden, it’s time to place the first small seeds into the dark soil and wait for the miracle of an emerging bud to appear. It’s no wonder ancient scientists became obsessed with alchemy, the transformation of matter. How does a tiny, dead-looking remnant of a once vigorous plant create new life when buried underground? No matter how many times I plant my garden with bulbs or seeds, I find myself marveling over this transformation…

A Heber Valley Guide to Water Wise Landscaping

As Utah enters another year of drought conditions and water restrictions, what can you do to reduce your water use and still enjoy a beautiful landscape? You don’t have to tear up your entire landscape to make your yard more water wise — though some people might enjoy that challenge. There are small and simple steps you can take to make your landscape more drought-friendly: water less, check your irrigation systems, add mulch, plant adapted plants, use less lawn, and check out local rebate programs. Water Less Many people…
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