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Jerry And Ella Simons: The Gift Of Hope

“What you do has far greater impact than what you say.” - Steven Covey Jerry and Ella Simons have spent their lives impacting others and offering the ‘Gift of Hope’ from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the high Andes of Peru and everywhere in between, including the Utah Crater in our beloved Midway. Along the way, they have discovered how to not only balance family, work, and adventure but to serve others and celebrate lives with great meaning. One aspiration, in particular, has led them to do work that changes lives…

Within You Without You

With that clarity, it is possible to see your scenario through different eyes, as if a divine shroud, or “wall of illusion,” temporarily thins. I have had several such instances in my life, and I always take notice as I perceive these glimpses as a gift. The whole performance makes sense — just for that moment. While I was recently sitting in the construction traffic, southbound on the 40 from Park City, I had one of these moments. A cover of George Harrison’s masterwork, Within You Without You by Big Head Todd and The…