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Shrink the Giant

There are lots of giants in the world, formidable foes, beasts, dragons to be slain, and our job is hopefully to make those more manageable, to shrink them a little bit so that people can handle their particular trials. When Jean-Marc Barr was 16 he walked into a pawn shop in Provo, Utah. His sole purpose? To walk out with a guitar. At only 4’ 8” and 75 lbs Jean-Marc decided to use this to his advantage; placing a handful of wadded up bills and some change on the counter, he declared, “I’m looking for a guitar for my dad…

Within You Without You

With that clarity, it is possible to see your scenario through different eyes, as if a divine shroud, or “wall of illusion,” temporarily thins. I have had several such instances in my life, and I always take notice as I perceive these glimpses as a gift. The whole performance makes sense — just for that moment. While I was recently sitting in the construction traffic, southbound on the 40 from Park City, I had one of these moments. A cover of George Harrison’s masterwork, Within You Without You by Big Head Todd and The…

The High Star Ranch

Before it was the beautiful destination that it is today, the High Star Ranch was a quiet obscure place off the beaten path. One might have asked, “Is the Kamas Valley too far to go for a luxury stay, a world class concert venue, or great dining?” In other words, “If we build it, will they come?” The founders and management of the property took a chance on that sentiment hoping that “If we build it, they will come!” From an office overlooking the Kamas Valley, Mr. Tom Grimmett, Trustee for High Star, and Tom Schiemer,…
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