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Ice, Ice, baby

The popularity of outdoor cold-water exposure surges in the Heber Valley. Are you ready to take the plunge? My history with intentional cold-water exposure began the summer of 2009 while growing up in Midway. My older sister and I would fill a 10-gallon bin with cold water from the hose in our backyard. We would squeeze into the container — squealing and giggling we’d stay in as long as we could stand it — we called this activity ‘cold bravery’. As I got older, my family and I continued to get in cold water wherever we…

Hands that Heal

Creating A Beautiful Sanctuary Unlike Anything The Heber Valley Has Ever Seen.  When Crystal Joy was young, really young, she discovered she loved giving people massages. By the age of six, she was already heading down the path that would lead to where she is today — the grand opening of Heber City’s Mountain Elite Massage Sanctuary. Youthful Beginnings “I actually started liking massage at like five or six years old. I worked on hands and feet, and I wanted to hang out with adults,” she remembers. Then, at about age…