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Forced to think out of the box, a new kind of classroom has arrived in our progressive community. Innovative, Discovery based, Educational, and Agricultural Leadership or I.D.E.A.L. Farms is Wasatch High School’s hands-on, outdoor classroom. Wasatch is taking students outside and getting their hands dirty in the real world; teaching them the skills they need to thrive in our competitive industries and markets. Not only do they do the physical work, they’re learning the business and marketing skills to drive it all forward.…

Community Reinvestment Agency

A city is most often defined by its Main Street. It’s the calling card. Most likely, anyone driving through Heber City will see Main Street. So, what sort of impression does Heber’s Main Street give? Quaint? Peaceful? Industrial? Busy? Is it a gathering place? Or is it a place people want to get through quickly? Many community members and leaders would love to create a more memorable Main Street. Heber is an amazing place, with a rich and interesting history. The people here are welcoming and thoughtful. The location is…

Local Grant Provides Discounts to Customers

The Shop in Heber Valley grant program was opened last week to businesses in Wasatch County. Not only will it help local businesses, but it benefits the general public as well. Businesses can apply for up to $5,000. These funds, however, must be used to reimburse huge discounts passed on to customers. The grant is the result of the combined efforts of Wasatch County, Heber City, and Midway City. These government entities are utilizing their CARES Act funds for the grant. It is aimed at supporting Heber Valley businesses…