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Mushroom Forage

“Once you start to learn even a little about fungi, it feels like you can’t see the world the same again.” Erin Moore, Secretary Mushroom Society of Utah My first mushroom forage happened by accident while studying abroad in Northern Germany. As I hiked through the woods with my host parents on a rainy autumn day, we were attracted off-trail by bright red amanita muscaria, or fly agaric, the fairytale mushrooms with their red, white-spotted caps. Some were as large as dinner plates, and I was enchanted. Later, we happened…

Goochy Goo BBQ

Ten years ago Heatherly Stanley bought her husband Steve a smoker — because smoking meat was a bit of a hobby — and he wanted to see what he could do. And, oh boy, did he discover what he could do! Steve became a master of the BBQ! Fast forward to today and you’ll find Steve and Heatherly are still smoking up a storm. The dynamic duo’s restaurant, Goochy Goo BBQ, is a local favorite right on Main. But it didn’t happen overnight. What do a hobby, an intuitive wife, a grandchild, and the desire to serve, have to do with one…