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Sweet Tooth

Growing up in the Heber Valley, Stefanie Richardson always had a sweet tooth. After all, she had spent a lot of time hanging around her grandpa’s donut shop, Wally’s Donuts, in Salt Lake City. “He was a hard worker, and he inspired me,” she says of her grandpa. (I’m sure anyone whose livelihood was making donuts all day would put stars in the eyes of a young child.) As she got older, Stefanie continued to nurture her sweet tooth; taking up baking and experimenting with making different goodies to eat and to share. She never…

Heber Valley Grub

Winter and the holidays are so incredible to me! It is a time of pure happiness where the realities of everyday life go to hybernate alongside most of Mother Nature. Slowing down with family, friends, and traditions, is as time honored as Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the souls that consume a Chef’s food that make memories, feelings, and moments that encompass a good meal. With the holidays fast approaching and the winter hibernation upon us, I have some thoughts about building memories around more than just your home table.…