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Guy Wann.

Discovering an art studio in an ancient milk barn was certainly serendipitous on my part. While artist incognito, Guy Wann, took me on a tour around his barn; he flung open the milk parlor door and proudly stated, “And here’s my studio!” I’m sure I looked at him entirely stupefied. I had been wandering around the valley snooping out barns for last fall’s article: Barns of Heber Valley. I arrived entirely unannounced and knocked on his door. After no answer, I proceeded to leave the property — slowly — rubbernecking as I…

Barns of Heber Valley

The traditional country barn stands as an iconic figure of yesteryear. If you were “raised in a barn” like I was, you’ll remember how dust filters through rafters and dances in the sunlight, the soothing rhythms of rain as it pitter-patters on a tin roof during a summer shower, and the sweet, permeating smell of new hay. If not, you may be able to imagine. As time slips by, a vast majority of those, now, old barns in the valley have fallen into disrepair and quietly crumbled to the ground; slipping away with the people of…