Süss Cookies

C Is For Cookie, And Cookie Is For Me!

By Rebecca Tibbits

My dad always said he never met a cookie he didn’t like, and I’ve also inherited this gene. I’ve recently committed to the fact that cookies are my favorite food. I kid you not when I say I’m a bit of a cookie connoisseur, and I’ve been on the quest for the Most Delicious Cookie in the World. There are some definite runner-ups, but Süss Cookie Co. in Midway really takes the cake….er, the cookie.

Jess Larson, owner of Süss Cookies, baked cookies out of her house with a cottage license and her mom’s special chocolate chip recipe prior to taking a leap in 2017 to start what is now the official Süss Cookie Company. Tucked away in what looks like a garage, the cookie-making factory is more like a secret location for picking up illegal contraband, and the cookies are so good they should be against the law.

Locals Tip: You can sample cookies when you go in!

You can pick your poison from over a dozen different flavors, and there’s usually a special flavor of the month as well. Whether you’re a classic chocolate chip kind of person or a more daring cookie monster, there is something at Süss for you. Girl Scout Cookie addicts might like the gourmet version of a Samoa in the Cocamel. Enjoy a Ginger Snap in the winter or a Key Lime in summer…or just go nuts and order Peanut Butter (with chocolate chips!)

While you can find Süss Cookies individually wrapped and sold in places like Lee’s Market or Quench It around town, my favorite way to enjoy Süss is to go all-out and order a dozen cookies straight from the source, then share them and watch people’s faces light up. And I’ve just learned that you can order these magical little (NOT little!) pieces of joy and mail them anywhere in the U.S. for the bargain price of $1.00!

If you’re curious about the name, “süss” is the Swiss German (yay for Midway heritage) word for sweet or cute. Delectably sweet, but too large to be called cute, these cookies will have you yodeling all the way home. You say you’re going to eat just half now and save the rest for later, but go on and eat the whole thing. I won’t judge….