Ritual Chocolate


Shot $3

Americano $3.50

Macchiato $3.50

Cortado $4

Cappuccino $4.50

Latte $5

Mocha $5


Coffee $2.50

Pour Over $5

Cold Brew $3.50

Chai $4

Nitro Cold Brew $4

Tea/Matcha $3.25

96oz to go Coffee $25

96oz to go Hot Chocolate $32

alternative milk options (no extra charge)
oat, almond, soy


Made with Ritual Chocolate.

3 Origin Tasting Flight

2oz of each origin $12

Hot Chocolate $4.50

Iced Drinking Chocolate $4.50

Chocolate Milk $4.50

Sipping Chocolate $4/$5

comes in 2oz or 4oz, choose from our cacao origins of Madagascar, Belize, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, or our Mid Mountain house blend


Matcha Lemonade $5

Lavender Earl Grey Tea Latte $4

Honeycomb Toffee Latte $5


Quiche from June Pies

veggie, ham and cheddar, and other specials $6


Open-Faced Smoked Salmon Toast

Alaskan smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, red onions, lemon juice $8

tuna salad toastie

tuna, red peppers, red onions, capers, celery, mayo, lemon juice $8

grilled cheese with heirloom savory tomato jam

Caputo’s old English cheddar, Amour Spread heirloom savory tomato jam on the side $8

ham & cheese toastie

Caputo’s old English cheddar, Olympia Provisions sweetheart ham $8

toast with amour spreads jam $4.50

black currant blackberry jam
black mission fig jam
strawberry rhubarb jam
heirloom savory tomato jam

toast with ritual house-made chocolate almond spread $5


3 Chocolate Bar Tasting Flight

3 single origin chocolate bars $10


Add chocolate almond spread, butter,| maple syrup, whipped cream or jam $4


Comes with the choice of milk or yogurt $5

Chocolate Chip Cookie $3

Suss Cookies made with

Ritual Chocolate $3

Brownie GF $4

Date Bar GF/VEGAN $5

Blueberry Muffin $4

Banana Cacao Nut Bread GF/VEGAN $5

Savory Poptart $5.50

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