Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for New Mural

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today, officially announcing a new mural on Main Street. The artwork is on the north side of the visitor center. It depicts many of the outdoor recreation opportunities available in the Heber Valley. This mural is only the first installment of many to come through the Heber City CAMS’ Art in Public Places Initiative. It is a collaborative effort between Heber City, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Community Alliance for Main Street.

Tom Stone, Chairperson of CAMS, opened the ceremony. He said that 18 different artists submitted to create the mural. Artist Jason Quinn was eventually chosen to paint the first mural, setting the standard for those to follow. Stone discussed an ongoing question that Heber City has been asking: “Who are we?” Heber City has a rich history, which includes agriculture, pioneers, cowboys, swiss heritage, and many other potential identities. He suggested that the question the city could be asking instead is “who do we want to become?”

“Heber has things other cities would die for,” said Stone. “It is the coolest place to live ever.” He proposed that Heber be recognized as an outdoor sports destination and a place to gather. The mural depicts some of the many outdoor sports available here, including fishing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and others. Improving Main Street creates a ripple effect throughout the Heber Valley. “We want to make our best first impression,” Stone explained. “People want this,” he said, mentioning comments he has received about the firepit gatherings, food trucks, and Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

The artist, Jason Quinn, a native of Heber City, was unable to attend. His comments were read, however, explaining how he desired to “generate emotion in the community.”

Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter then explained the purposes behind the initiative. It is hoped that creating this artwork on Main Street will bring tourism to downtown businesses, improve and enhance Main Street, and promote public gatherings. Mayor Potter then announced the next phase of the initiative, which will be a mural on the south wall of the bank building. Tom Stone will be sponsoring the mural. He will also be creating a gathering and eating space in that area. “Heber has no better cheerleader than Tom,” said Potter.

Stone cut the ribbon for the official ceremony. The group is now turning their focus to Phase Two of the initiative.

More information about the Community Alliance for Main Street is available at https://hebercitycams.org/.


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