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It’s all right here in your own backyard

The lost art of a “staycation” needs to be dusted off and put back into circulation, and this summer is just the time to do it!

For most, vacation means experimenting in new parts of the world. It goes beyond discovering but rather immersing ourselves in a pocket of memories carved out in one to two-week increments.

The Wasatch Back is incredibly fortunate to be situated within minimal driving distance of everything from a quaint bed and breakfast to a swanky 5-star resort. Throw in some incredible scenery, and what more could you ask for in terms of planning the best summer? As we envision ways to maneuver some uncertainty, what calls to most of us is a way to experience the luxury of time away from home while also participating in the escape of indulgence. No matter what your budget or inclination, a staycation is well within your reach. Here are some ideas to make staying put better than staying away.

For The Adventure-SEEKER

If it hasn’t escaped you, Heber Valley, with all its charm, is in a prime position to be the best adventure spot around! There are local adventure outfitters, ready to rent you recreational adventure equipment for a real “DYI Rugged” time. Check out Midway Adventure for ATV rentals, downhill mountain biking shuttle rides or river rafting.

This level of staycation is great for the kids because they can plan and be right in the middle of the action. Make an adventure map with an “X” on each spot where you will experience all the outdoor-ing you can! There are things to do on any terrain; water, mountain trails, suspension in the air, aka ziplining, speed-racin’, riding the rails on the historic Heber Valley Railroad and so much more. Another idea is to mix it up with wilderness-type adventure and urban, too. Grab an e-bike from Slim & Knobby’s or Wasatch E-bike and ride up and down the mountain trails or Main Street.

It is no secret that where we live, we are surrounded by resorts. Places like the Zermatt and Homestead are always a great place to start. They offer amenities such as spa packages, amazing meals, and lots of activities. Consider a week stay at either location where you can enjoy something for everyone. A round of golf or snorkeling in the cave at the Homestead cannot be beaten. With the up-and-coming refresh to the Homestead, in particular, new amenities will be ready for exploring and appropriate for all ages. Pay attention to the details of the renovation. It will give you a truly modern, fresh feel to our treasured spot for adventuring. The Zermatt is as classic as ever, and if you are into taking your time, the Zermatt has luxury “slowing down” etched into every nook and cranny. The spa is world-class, and the golfing is perfectly green. Combine your relaxing rituals with views of the mountains from almost every angle, and you’ve got the perfect chemistry of elegance mixed with sophisticated fun.

There is some nostalgia and necessity in experiencing a quiet summer night at a favorite bed and breakfast. The epitome of “chill” is the name of the game. There are no shortages of sleepy little inns with charming hosts and perfectly steeped coffee in the morning. Imagine trying a cozy little jaunt every other weekend at someplace like the Heber Senator Bed and Breakfast or the Blue Boar Inn — their menu is lovely. For a feeling of “leaving” without really leaving, the Woodland Farmhouse Inn is about as charming and remote-feeling as you can possibly get. Your stay comes complete with a pasture full of horses, too!

Wherever this summer takes you, the ideal for everyone takes just a bit of imagination and planning. Whether you are treating yourself to an essential spa day, or feeling like the great Utah explorer, John Fremont, cutting new terrain, or just taking a moment to practice being still in the wake of a breakfast table against our mountain scenery, the art of the staycation is on-deck for this summer; and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There is nothing quite so delightfully mysterious as a secret in your own backyard.”

Patrick Rothfuss

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