Midway Art Association Gallery Welcoming Public Again

The Midway Art Association Gallery recently reopened to the public. It is housed in the historic Midway Town Hall. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

The Gallery displays artwork from seven local artists at a time. Their art is presented for two months, at which time another seven artists will be featured. Aside from being able to see the local art, visitors can also purchase artwork from the gallery.

One of the artists being shown this month is oil-painter Charlotte Wright. Wright intended to major in art in college, but she ended up, instead, taking a different path. She has now been concentrating again on her painting for the past ten years. “I think the main thing that I appreciate [about the MAA] is the opportunity to put my things in the gallery and to participate in [other] events.”

According to Wright, the association gives artists many occasions to improve their craft and show their work to the public. In addition to the gallery and art shows, the MAA also has an artist come and do a demonstration once a month. Wright added, “[The MAA] has good people and good opportunities. They take care of their artists.” In 2019, the organization had about 140 members.

The non-profit Midway Art Association (MAA) started in 2002 to give amateur and professional artists an occasion to develop and market their art. The association’s goals are “providing opportunities for association with other artists, learning from workshops, field trips and demonstrations, and … painting and selling fine art in planned events.”

Aside from the Midway Art Association gallery, the organization is also involved in the Wasatch Plein Air Paradise. That event has supported local art for the past 15 years. It was postponed this year due to Covid, but it is usually the largest painting event in Utah, with over $20,000 in cash and awards.

To join or learn more about the MAA, go to http://www.midwayartassociation.org/.

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