Melvin’s Public House

Dine-in · Curbside pickup · No delivery


139 N Main St, Heber City, UT 84032


Sun to Thu 12PM - 12AM | Fri to Sat 12PM - 12AM


(435) 654-9464

Menu Sections


wings by the pound 
our wings are deep-fried and crispy, tossed in your choice of sauce or dry rub seasonings and served with carrots, celery, bleu cheese or ranch $13.99

teriyaki, BBQ, mild, medium, hot, hot BBQ, hiccup hot, sweet thai chili, garlic Parmesan, garlic or blackened

wing meal deal
5 wings with fries $8.99
substitute onion rings, pickle fries, cheese curds or side salad +$2

extra side of carrots and celery $1.50
extra side of sauce, ranch or bleu cheese $0.50


cheese fries
topped with cheese sauce $5.99

chili cheese fries
topped with Melvin’s meat chili, cheese sauce, and jalapenos $8.99

loaded fries
topped with bacon, cheese sauce, sour cream, and chives $8.99

poutine (or Disco Fries if you’re from Jersey)
fries with deep-fried cheese curds, beef gravy & chives $8.99

tortilla chips covered with cheddar cheese sauce, onions, jalapeños, olives, tomatoes $7.99
add chili or chicken on top +$3

buffalo cauliflower
fresh cauliflower florets, marinated in buffalo sauce, dredged in batter & deep fried. served with carrots, celery, ranch, or blue cheese $8.99

deep-fried cheese curds $6.99

pickle fries $6.99

melvin’s homemade onion rings $8.99

fries $4.99

tortilla chips
with house-made salsa or cheese sauce $4.99

lighter fare

dressings: ranch, bleu cheese, caesar, cilantro vinaigrette

Melvin’s chili
made with ground beef, pork, black beans & just the right amount of spice!
cup $2.99 | bowl $4.99

caesar salad
crisp romaine lettuce, tossed with Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and croutons $6.99
add chicken $3.00

iceberg wedge
topped with bleu cheese dressing, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and red onion $6.99
add chicken $3.00

taco salad
served in a tortilla shell, iceberg lettuce topped with meat chili, shredded cheddar, tomatoes, onions, olives, served with your choice of sour cream, guacamole, salsa and/or cilantro vinaigrette $8.99
substitute chicken $3.00

burgers & such

1. pick your meat

1. Pick your meat: Beef (1/3 lb chargrilled ground beef patty, cooked to medium*), Chicken (1/3 lb chicken breast, chargrilled or Melvin’s battered crispy fried), Turkey (1/3 lb chargrilled white meat turkey patty), Black Bean Burger (meatless chipotle black bean patty, chargrilled).

Your choice will be served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and side of fries. Substitute onion rings, pickle fries, cheese curds or side salad for $2.00.

2. pick your style

or build your own with any combination of toppings

basic burger $11.49

American, Swiss, pepper jack, cheddar, provolone, mozzarella or velveeta $12.49

the Melvin
topped with slab of velveeta, bacon and onion ring $14.99

bacon & cheese
choose from American, Swiss, pepper jack, cheddar or velveeta $13.49

the donkey
topped with chunky bleu cheese sauce, bacon and a Cajun kick $14.99

chili cheese
covered with Melvin’s beef chili, choice of cheese and jalapeños $14.99

topped with garlic, grilled onions and choice of cheese $14.49

western style
choice of cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce $13.99

mushroom cheese
fresh grilled mushrooms and choice of cheese $14.49

pastrami & cheese
topped with pastrami and choice of cheese $14.99

the laird’s club sandwich with fries
Turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayo layered on 3 slices of toasted bread $14.99

Philly with Fries
Thin sliced grilled ribeye smothered with cheddar cheese sauce, with or without grilled onion $13.99

Crispy Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with fries
melvin’s crispy fried chicken covered with marinara, mozzarella, provolone & fresh basil $13.99

Reuben (or Rachel) with Fries
Corned beef (or turkey), Swiss & kraut grilled & served on marble rye with 1000 Island dressing $10.99

Fred’s Classic BLT with Fries
Crisp bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayo on toasted bread $9.99

Brat with Sauerkraut & Fries
5 oz bratwurst grilled & covered with kraut. Served on a toasted hoagie roll $9.99

big dawg with fries
¼ pound beef frank, grilled and served on a hoagie roll with fries $8.99
add chili and cheese $2.00

junior dawg with fries
same as above with a regular-sized beef frank $5.99

chicken fingers with fries
3 deep fried chicken fingers with fries $8.99
add a side of wing sauce $0.50

for your sweet tooth

Hungry Bunny Skillet Brownie
Double chocolate brownie baked in a skillet with marshmallows, chocolate, caramel & whipped cream $5.99

soft drinks

Coke – Sprite – Diet Coke – Root Beer – Lemonade – Iced Tea

Menu Sections