Kole Wright Memorial Foundation

Created to honor and carry on Kole Wright’s legacy of caring for others, the Kole Wright Memorial Foundation is empowering the youth of Wasatch County to believe in their own potential through connection, mentorship and self-discovery.

Kole was 36-years-old when he tragically took his own life on August 12, 2018. Incredibly saddened but deeply motivated by this loss, Terra and Chase Wright have turned his passing into a new beginning for those in our community who need it most.

The Wrights believe that young people struggling to fit in have a greater chance of succeeding if they feel connected and accepted. Knowing that people who experience a sense of belonging are more likely to find support before it’s too late, Terra and Chase have formed a foundation to bridge the gap and provide needed support to the youth in our valley.

The Kole Wright Foundation is a mentorship program that connects young people in Wasatch County with local mentors and role models. These mentors work to inspire and empower our youth, embracing the powerful truth that more love is always the answer.

On October 5, 2018, the Wrights hosted an inaugural fundraising dinner at the Homestead Resort. The event featured a reception and dinner with live music, a silent auction and remarks from community leaders and members of the Kole Wright Memorial Foundation’s board of directors. The event was successfully bitter-sweet, raising $32,000 to fund the creation of the Kole Wright mentorship program.

If you or a young person you love is having a tough time, please reach out. Starting in April, the Kole Wright Memorial Foundation’s mentorship program is offering mindfulness and life skills classes, homework help, nutrition and cooking skills courses, and CrossFit Kids™ to any local youth who would like to join.

If you would like to help lift up the youth of Wasatch County, please visit kolewrightfoundation.org for opportunities to get involved. Donations such as yoga mats, art supplies, non perishable snacks and operational supplies are always appreciated.

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