How One Olympian Gets Kids Excited to Hit the Slopes

PARK CITY, Utah, November 3, 2018 — With ski season around the corner, it’s time to dust off your boards and start daydreaming about an epic snow year. But as the snow starts to fly, how do you get the kids excited to head to the slopes too? Former Olympian and U.S. Ski Team member Libby Ludlow has it covered. With the launch of A-B-Skis, an alphabet book about the magical world of skiing, Ludlow is making it easier to share the stoke of skiing with your little ones.

Designed to instill a lifelong love for skiing, A-B-Skis is a glimpse into everything that’s at the heart of the sport—from hot chocolate breaks, to ripping runs with friends. The colorful illustrations by PSIA ski instructor Nathan Jarvis spark kid’s curiosity for the winter wonderland that awaits them on the slopes, while playful rhymes guide kids through everything they can expect on a typical ski day.

“I’ve always been an avid writer,” says Ludlow, “A-B-Skis is the perfect intersection of my passion for skiing, my love of writing, and my interest as a mom to share memorable experiences with my toddler.”

By using Kickstarter to launch A-B-Skis, Ludlow is collecting the orders needed to finalize her self-publishing push. She says that while her primary motivation for writing A-B-Skis is to help kids fall in love with the magic of skiing, the added benefit comes in the improved expectations and life-lessons that kids glean from the book.

“I wanted a fun and playful way to start talking about skiing with my toddler. Any opportunity to share what I love, and to pique his curiosity for skiing, well it’s a mom’s dream come true.” Ludlow promises that adults will adore sharing A-B-Skis with the kids in their life, and kids won’t be able to wait for their next trip to the ski hill.

Want to share A-B-Skis with a tiny human in your life? Order your copy no later than December 13th at

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