History In The Making

A Note From The Publisher

The autumn landscape is a perpetual sequence of change. Within a slight glimmer of time the heat of the high desert summer passes, days grow shorter, the landscape itself explodes with a celebration of color and morphs into a preparatory state suitable for the endurance of the season to come.

As we assembled this volume of Heber Valley Life magazine I have seen a likeness between the autumnal transition and the condition of the Heber Valley. The Heber Valley stands in its own transitional period. The acknowledgement of change forces an individual to make a perceptual choice between past, present and future. One can choose to look at the deciduous leaves on the side of an autumn mountain landscape and feel disappointment that the green is gone, another can see the change of landscape and experience anxiety over the anticipation of winter, while yet another looks at the beauty of the moment and feels joy. The reality of the mountains is constant. However, a variance of viewers may choose to experience a broad spectrum of emotion from their own observations.

The components that build our community are equally spectacular to our landscape. Throughout this fall edition of Heber Valley Life, we honor our civic history and the individuals that have brought us to where we are today. We promote a positive community identity that is proud of where it has been — a community that prepares for the future with both excitement and wisdom.

There will likely not be another generation in the Heber Valley that has as many opportunities to transform the actual face of our community as we have today. Our challenge is to embrace this reality with optimism and revere the transition. We are history in the making.