Get to Know: Midway Bakery on Main

Midway Bakery on Main
206 B. West Main
Midway, UT

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Take a moment to get to know Debbie Small and the Midway Bakery on Main. Midway Bakery on Main is a lovely corner bakery on Midway Main Street. The bakery includes fresh artisan breads, sweet rolls, pastries, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Debbie Small, owner and head baker has spent many years perfecting her craft of baking delicious treats. Most days you can expect to be greeted by one of Debbie’s charming daughters at the counter while she is in the back spreading love through her baking.

1. How long has your business been operating?

Since April of 2018.

2. What do you do and how do you specialize in that area? What makes your business unique?

When my kids were younger I would gather them and their friends in my kitchen by baking. They always asked specifically for my cinnamon rolls, and I loved that they loved them. Everyone has their art or their outlet, mine is baking!

3. What is the story on how and why you started your business?

Debbie, the owner, has been baking all of her life, and her daughters just recently convinced her to share that talent with the whole community!

4. Are you new to the Heber Valley (in the past 2 years)?

Our family grew up in Idaho, but one of my kids has been here as long as 12 years. We love and are drawn to Heber because it has a similar feel as where we came from in Idaho. Our family has always been drawn to wide open beautiful places like Heber Valley!

5. What are the benefits of being a part of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce?

It always helps to get to the know more of the people around you and our hope is to continue to meet people and become even better acquainted with the community, the chamber helps us to do this. Honestly, at this point, some of the people we have met have become friends to us and we love that!

6. Why did you decide to become a member of the Chamber?

To grow lasting relationships with other businesses in the valley.

7. What do you hope to contribute to the Chamber?

We hope to help other businesses through the relationships gained according to their specific needs that we may be able to help with.

8. Who are your clients/customers?

Anyone with a sweet tooth!

9. Share a few sentences about your family and your hobbies outside of work?

There are six kids in our family, so it is always loud when we get together! We love camping, fishing, laughing, and lots of good food! Our home has always been a place where all are welcome, so there were and are always random stragglers enjoying moms food as well!

10. What are some of your greatest accomplishments in your professional and personal life?

Hands down, my family! Opening the bakery has been amazing, but my husband, children, and grandchildren will always be my greatest joy and accomplishment!

11. What has been your favorite Heber Valley activity?

We love enjoying the beautiful, quiet, peaceful outdoors around here. We love to hike, take mountain drives, gather around camp fires, etc. Heber is just a gorgeous place.

12. What drives you to do what you do for a living?

I have baked since I was a little girl. If you come into the bakery you will see a sign that says, “I just want to bake bread.” There is something comforting to me about the whole process, and I love that I now get to share it with so many people.

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