Fyzical Therapy And Balance Center At The Fit Stop

Achieving Wellness Through Rehabilitation And Fitness

Mixing business and family can be a delicate balance. For physical therapists, Alan, Tyler, and Tobin Bluth, balance is their business.

The father and two sons own The Fit Stop together: a unique physical therapy clinic and gym combination focused on the wellness of the whole individual, no matter their stage of life. “We’ve seen babies with torticollis, kids with broken arms, sports injuries, and hip replacements — the whole spectrum of ages. The Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center (spelled different because we are different) brings something new to the valley,” explains K’Brina Colby, the Marketing Manager at The Fit Spot.
Alan Bluth was one of the first physical therapists in the valley forty-five years ago, with just a room in the Heber City Hospital. Prior to setting up in Heber, Alan practiced in Salt Lake City. While there, he grew his practice creating the first gym-physical therapy clinic in the city before moving back to Heber in 1973.

The Fit Stop’s groundbreaking, 27,000 square foot facility is home to a host of treatment options and cutting edge technology, which allows the Bluth’s, and their team, to focus on what is limiting patients and help them overcome. One of The Balance Center’s main focuses is vertigo, a vestibular (inner ear) disorder commonly associated with a dizzying sensation within stable surroundings. Treatment for vertigo is a relatively new practice. One of the tools the team at the Balance Center uses is a pair of goggles with a built-in infrared camera. The goggles record patient eye movement, which reveals a pattern that allows the physical therapist to better understand what is happening in the inner ear. A harness and tracking system in the clinic enables patients to build confidence as well as strength. “Because physical therapy is constantly evolving, the team is consistently learning. We frequent conferences and lectures in Nevada and Florida [where Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers is based],” states Tyler Bluth. Tyler has an extensive orthopedic background with an emphasis in sports medicine.

“Our team specializes in manual therapy and clinical exercise, using the latest in treatment approaches and specialized equipment. Our goal is to achieve total health and recovery for all patients,” Colby continues. Along with vertigo issues and fall prevention programs, the center also works with stroke victims, those recovering from surgery, sports injuries, and more. “We are really excited about the program; it is an underserved area in the community. We can provide total care of the patient with our integrated approach,” adds Tobin Bluth. Tobin developed “Spine Fit,” a customized five-week program for low back pain consisting of a combination of the latest manual therapy and exercise techniques.
During and after treatment, patients receive a 30-day pass to access the gym. The fitness center at The Fit Stop boasts numerous classes, a climbing wall, personal training, massage therapy, and an endless lap pool. The Fit Stop and Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center believe maintained fitness and preventative maintenance of joints are the keys to healthy and happy living. Whether you’re looking to get healthy or stay healthy, The Fit Stop and Fyzical Therapy Balance Center offer something for everyone.

Learn more information at 345 West 600 South, Heber City
435-654-5607  |  fitstopphysicaltherapy.com

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