Fly-By-Foodie: Spin Cafe

Spin Café

Spin Café is spinning with fun and flavor from its uniquely decorated walls to its savory food. The amusing metal artwork creates a playful atmosphere and the menu boasts “fresh scratch cooking with a spin.”

My middle child was my special date for this review (now he can’t use the typical “middle child is always forgotten” claim), and we couldn’t wait to dig in. We had to start our dining experience with the gluten-free onion rings, as these giants have a serious reputation! Since gluten-free also typically means flavor free, I was expecting to be disappointed — especially with a fried food. I was pleasantly surprised and definitely impressed! You would never know they were gluten-free and the serving size was plenty big to share.

I knew I wanted to try the Mediterranean Veggie Burger but I was so tempted by the Bacon Spinach Salad that I had to give that a go. The dressing was served warm, which I thought might be weird but it wasn’t. I had planned to take a few bites and bring the rest home but I loved it! It was so good that I ate most of it, despite knowing I had a veggie burger on the way.

My little date ordered the Memphis BBQ Spaghetti, which came with cheese straws and his new favorite bread — a grilled slice of homemade focaccia. We ended up getting to-go boxes for some of our main entrees because there was no way we could leave without trying the famous Spin Café gelato.

Oh, wow! That was so worth the calories. I ordered the crème brûlée and my son had the chocolate hazelnut. Our server, Sarah, was nothing short of amazing with all of our special requests and everything came out timely and tasty!

I will definitely be back for the Spin Alfredo. And the Honey Bee Sandwich. And the…

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