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Jan 28 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Bluebird Cafe Concert Series

Bluebird Cafe Concert Series features Nashville’s finest singer-songwriters and musicians, brought to Sundance in partnership with the renowned Bluebird Cafe. Each show features three artists, who sing and tell the stories behind their songs.

Jan 27 & 28

Bowen / Young

With haunting and ethereal songs that masterfully delve into the depths of ferocious love, heartbreaking loss and steadfast hope, the debut album, Dangerous Love, by new duo Bowen Young unveils a unique style of music the couple has dubbed “Cinematic Americana.” Bowen Young’s timeless debut record created by Clare Bowen and husband Brandon Robert Young is a multi-sensory feast. The music, produced by Sean McConnell, invokes themes painted by the duo’s powerfully authentic lyrics and hypnotic harmonies.

Amie Miriello

Pairing moody progressions with soaring melodies, Amie Miriello’s music paints a cinematic picture both colorful and dark. Lyrically introspective and self-aware, the songstress’s relatability leaves listeners feeling both seen and understood.
Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, Miriello was discovered at 18 by über-producer Billy Mann (Pink, John Legend) at a random Arlene’s Grocery gig in Manhattan. Their partnership resulted in her first record deal with Jive Records and years spent touring with her band, Dirtie Blonde, and behind subsequent solo records.

John Eddie

John’s first studio presence was singing backing vocals on Bryan Adams’ song “Somebody” on the 1984 album Reckless. John then signed with Columbia Records and released two albums including his 1986 self-titled debut, John Eddie. The first single, “Jungle Boy”, from John Eddie peaked on Billboard at #17 Rock and #52 Hot 100. He opened for Bob Seger and The Kinks in the late 1980s but was dropped by the label early in the 1990s after the release of his second album, The Hard Cold Truth. He then signed with Elektra Records where he was chosen to represent Elektra on their 40th Anniversary record called Rubaiyat with his version of The Cure’s “In Between Days” and recorded a third album, Still in the Same Cage, which, after a lengthy legal dispute, was never released.


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