Celeste Johnson

Midway City Mayor

What an exciting time to be a mayor in this valley! Depending on which study you look at, Wasatch County is in first or second place for the fastest-growing county in its demographic in the country. That’s staggering!

Last fall, Wasatch County residents passed a $10 million open space bond and Midway residents passed a $5 million open space bond. So, while we are growing with more residential and commercial developments, the residents of this county have made it clear that they would also like to preserve agricultural land and open space.

Here in Midway, we are very busy putting clear procedures in place for the bonding process. Very soon, residents will receive information about how to sell their property development rights while retaining ownership of their land. This is an option that has never been available before and we’re excited to bring this preservation option to our landowners. We are striving to make the process transparent and we are making sure that all of our t’s are crossed and all of our i’s are dotted.

Midway is also busy updating our land use code. This code needs to be consistent with our General Plan, which clearly outlines the importance of sensitive lands, view corridors, open space and the like being incorporated into any new development. This important work on code text amendments is what will preserve the rural character and charm of Midway as it grows.

I look forward to the work we will be doing this year to meet both our bond and land use code objectives. I especially appreciate the opportunity to meet residents of Midway who love this town and are willing to be a part of the process of managing growth while preserving our town’s character. It’s a privilege to be Midway’s mayor during this exciting time of growth and conservation!

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