Operation Hope Brings Christmas Cheer

Operation Hope began 10 years ago in Summit County and just “wrapped up” another year of making Christmas more magical for those in need. This toy, clothing and book drive is headed up by the Christian Center of Park City, or CCPC. Getting Started Operation Hope began by serving less than 100 children and operated much like a Sub-for-Santa. Those who wanted to donate would purchase specific things for the tag they were given, IE a toy for a five-year-old girl. Then the gift would be delivered to that specific child. After…

CAMS Initiated Spring Sweep

May 11, 2019 marked the first annual Heber City Spring Sweep which was organized and implemented by the Community Alliance for Main Street (CAMS). Community members were encouraged to bring friends and neighbors to participate in a cleanup effort along the commercial corridor of Main Street, Heber. Snacks and a barbeque lunch cooked by City Manager Matt Brower were provided to volunteers but the real benefits came from the satisfaction of taking care of our city. The Wasatch County Fire Department can be thanked for

Art Among Us

The Heber Valley is home to many artists and art displays where residents and visitors alike are privileged to view beautiful creations on a daily basis.  Our local statues are among the striking art we take for granted in the valley, as they are almost too easily overlooked in public places. A careful scan of our lovely community, however, will uncover some of these amazing pieces of art — and reveal the history they portray and the stories of how they came to be. 1. The Blue Boar The first bronze