our manifesto

We believe that bigger isn’t always better and that there is something inherently good in a day’s hard work. We believe that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places and that nothing matters more than family. We believe that each and every day is a gift full of potential and that miracles are mixed in with the every day scenery.
We believe in seeking the balance between play and hard work: a lazy Saturday making turns on the ski slopes or casting a fly at a rising trout in the middle of a hatch; working long hours with impending deadlines or calling in on a weekend to make sure a project is buttoned up. We believe failure is success as long as we learn from it. We believe in doing our best and taking any who’ll join us along for the ride.
We believe in grit, faith, and in sending it past our comfort zone in order to try something that scares us every day. We believe that joy is found in simplicity. We believe that beauty surrounds us. We believe in celebrating history in the making. We love where we live, we live where we love. We believe in the “joie de vivre!”

our crew


ryan bunnell

Ryan is an experienced ski instructor and fly fishing guide. He discovered the HV while pursuing these passions and made it his home in 2003. Ryan earned a BFA degree in 2D / Painting while studying at Western State Colorado University. Ryan is also the father of three healthy, spirited and rambunctious children that are balancing all the scales in their grandparents’ eyes.


kristin bunnell

Kristin grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and migrated south to Utah in 1997 for education and warmer temperatures. She earned a BS degree from the University of Utah. Kristin fell in love with the HV in 2006, where she also met her husband Ryan and made it her home. When she isn’t chasing around three children and two dogs — she satisfies her need for speed on her bicycle, paddleboard and skis.


gustavo zelaya

Gus is a graphic designer, musician and illustrator living in Heber City, where he is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in web design and development. Gus went to Wasatch High where he played soccer and served as an editor for the 2016 yearbook.


craig jensen

Craig grew up on the front side of the Wasatch where he met and married his sweetheart, Lauren. When an automotive malfunction occurred while passing through Heber, they had the chance to enjoy the beauty of the HV and meet some good samaritans. Soon after, they decided to make this community their home. Craig enjoys a good challenge, learning how things work and playing with his five children.


alex kirkwood

Alex is a freelance copywriter, bookworm and Florida native. In 2008, the mountains came calling and she decided to make Park City home. She received a BS in Strategic Communications from the University of Utah. Now a proud Heberite, Alex spends her free time hiking, camping and fishing in and around the valley she has come to love.

our community partners


Cassidy Duhadway

Cassidy is the founder of Purple Sky Counseling in Heber. She specializes in women, children and teens, trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-esteem, life transitions, negative self-talk and sports psychology.

jeni jones

A communication specialist at Heber Valley Hospital, Jeni loves hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and Mrs. Call’s chocolates. She lives in Heber City with her husband and two young children.

jill tuttle

A nine year resident of the Heber Valley, Jill is a Student Wellness Facilitator at Soldier Hollow Charter School and the founder of Mindful Humans, working with children, teachers, and families to create mindful practices.

kevin kelpe

Kevin went to design school at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, and graduated from business school at University of Idaho. Before moving to the Heber Valley, Kevin worked for advertising agencies in Boise and San Francisco. He is an avid skier, photographer, installation artist, and graphic designer.

Karen 300dpi

Karen Kurka Jensen

Karen is a sumi-e artist living in Timberlakes. Her work is displayed in galleries and workshops across the midwest. She teaches the sumi-e technique at the Kimball Art Center in Park City.

ryan starks

The executive director at Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, Tourism & Economic Development and adjunct professor of public management at BYU, Ryan lives in Heber City with his wife and four children.


Rick Keel

Rick is a 20-year resident of the HV. He is a husband, father of three and an avid outdoorsman. Rick has been a law enforcement officer in our valley for the last decade.

Will Headshot-2

william finlayson

Will is a writer with a background in marketing and journalism. He writes for companies and publications, and enjoys writing poetry and fiction.

dallin koecher

dallin koecher

Dallin is the Director of Public Relations for Heber Valley Tourism, Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Wasatch County Arts Council.

nathan jarvis1

Nathan Jarvis

Nathan is a Utah-born, nationally known, award-winning illustrator, designer, storyteller, and art and ski instructor. He and his wife, Michaela, moved to the Heber Valley in 2006.


terra wright

Terra is a Midway resident, and local business owner. She finds joy in Crossfit, raising a family and blogging at


Amber Borowski Johnson

Amber is Midway-based travel writer, former Denver Post columnist and currently works at BYU, overseeing her college’s alumni magazine and public relations.

Hadley Headshot-2

Hadley Griggs

Hadley is an editor and creative writer. Her published short fiction has earned awards. In her spare time, she awaits the sheepdog trials to start again.


Mary Waterman

Mary has lived and worked in the Heber Valley for 35 years. She has two sons and two grandchildren. Mary enjoys hiking, horseback riding and photography on the trails in and around the HV.


Joshua Knight

Josh is a small business owner in the Heber Valley. He loves to garden, cook, travel, laugh and spend time with his family and friends.

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