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A Fresh Breath For Wellness

The Studio Owner and Instructor Kasey Sorensen says to take 10 deep breaths and “when you inhale, go past your chest, into your belly. On the inhale, listen to the noise in your mind and let go on each exhale. On every breath visualize the words leaving your body. By the tenth breath let the noise leave your body and make space for a new story.”

If you took the time to follow Sorensen’s instruction, you might just feel a little more focused, a little more relaxed, a little more open. Per Sorensen, “You’ve now done a few amazing things — you have stopped and given yourself time — time to breath and time to listen. You have made space for new stories, creativity and love.” 

Now more than ever people are taking time to focus on themselves: being well, being healthy and taking control of being their best self. In the Heber Valley, gone are the days of needing to travel to find the best fitness, yoga therapy and other wellness-focused programs. As the options for self-improvement in the valley are growing, two new studios, The Studio — Spin • Hot Yoga • Barre and Utah Yoga and Wellness, offer an extensive list of classes and programs to compliment classic local favorites like The Fit Stop and Heber Valley Hospital’s LiVe Well program.

Stretching Stereotypes

Yoga isn’t a new trend; however, it is still often misunderstood. Many of us still equate yoga with a super-fit group of women in Lululemon yoga pants doing wild stretches on mountains or posing in parks for Instagram photos. Sorensen dispels this notion. “Yoga, spin, barre is more about loving yourself and taking time to focus on your mindset, confidence and self-love,” she explains.

These days, it’s not your typical workout crowd — kids as young as five, families, teenagers, men’s groups and even those unable to sit on the floor are all finding ways to engage in the power of yoga, strengthening and self-love.

Our youth are also finding better ways to handle stress and anxiety with classes like Glow-ga (glow in the dark yoga), Children’s Mindfulness and Teen Yoga.

“It’s cool to be healthy.” says Elise Jones, owner and instructor at Utah Yoga and Wellness. “We had a five-year-old leave our Children’s Mindfulness class and say ‘Mom, I feel good about myself’ — and that is what drives us.”

At the Fit Stop, Programs Director Jackie Bonner says they’ve offered yoga for years. “The value of yoga extends beyond the actual class,” she explains. “It allows you time to step aside, relax and let go of the day-to-day chaos and take the same approach home so you can show kindness, pause and practice mindfulness beyond your mat.”

A Different Path To Health

The studios in the valley are not just for serious yogis. For example, all of the classes at The Studio are tailored to your personal experience level and every instructor at The Fit Stop reminds students to listen to their bodies and find their own personal practice. With a range of classes for people of all ages and abilities, the yoga and health programs in the valley provide a safe space to start your journey to a more relaxed, mindful and healthier you.

“It doesn’t matter where you practice — the beauty of yoga is the community,” says Bonner. “Find where it fits you and build a circle because yoga means unity.”

According to Heber Valley Hospital Physical Therapy, “Yoga practice can do wonders for your overall mood, physique and peace of mind.” The hospital is proud to offer a series of LiVe Well fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goals and live your healthiest life possible. With classes ranging from basic and flow yoga to water, kids and restorative yoga — there is a class to meet the needs of anyone interested in furthering their practice.

One thing is for sure — there are now more local options than ever to take some time and focus on yourself. There’s no need to be intimidated or self-conscience: These facilities, their friendly staffs and the people you’ll meet are all there with pure intentions. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Chances are, you’ll find new friends, more confidence and a renewed sense of self-worth in the process.

“My parents’ generation was more work, work, work,” says Sorensen. “My generation is trying to find self-love, but our kids seem to born with it. Adults worry about being judged or looking conceited, but kids are teaching us to self-love without judgement. “

Walk in, visit their social media pages or send them a message and see how taking time to focus on yourself will be the best investment you make this year.

LiVe Well Fitness Classes at Heber Valley Hospital
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The Fit Stop
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The Studio
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55 E Center Street • Heber

Utah Yoga and Wellness
695 E Main Street, Suite J

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