Zermatt Resort February 2020 Business of the Month

The Zermatt Resort is one of the largest private employers in Wasatch County and has created a thriving work environment, while also creating an amazing place to visit and recharge. Their contributions to community programs, Chamber efforts, and to the local economy have earned them recognition as the February Business of the Month.

Getting To Know You

Zermatt Utah Resort & Spa opened its doors 13 years ago in 2006. They have since been serving Midway by helping to create a thriving tourism economy, hundreds of jobs for residents of Heber Valley, and a great place for a staycation or family members and friends to stay while visiting.

The Zermatt Resort was designed and originally funded by a local dentist, Dr. Fuller. Dr. Fuller built this resort as a tribute to his Swiss grandmother. The location and the name of this resort happen to be perfect considering Midway was settled by Swiss immigrants and is now a town bustling with European flair.

The Zermatt Resort boasts its conference space being the largest on the Wasatch Back and has over 300 units to accommodate events of up to 1,000 people. This full-service resort caters to conferences, family reunions, incentive trips, leisure guests, and ski groups.

The resort amenities include two restaurants, Z’s Steak, and Chop Haus and the Wildfire Restaurant, an amazing bakery and a bar. They also have a full-service spa, a miniature golf course, a carousel, goats, yoga, and GOGA – goat yoga. Not to mention their amazingly convenient location next to the Wasatch Mountain State Park, the Homestead Crater, and several golf courses.

Culture And Values

Maxine Jensen, Director of International Tourism & Travel, at Zermatt Utah says, “Zermatt has a great culture where everyone is treated like family. It’s a great place to work.” Max believes the culture is created through continuing education with the entire staff, core values of the business, teamwork, ownership, and working together to cultivate the visitor experience from every single interaction a guest could have. The Zermatt Resort has over 200 employees, many of them being residents of Wasatch County.

Max has noticed an increase in awareness of the area and says, “We are now on the map, people know where we are.” The Zermatt Resort has experienced a great winter this season with an abundance of skiers. This winter, the resort is drawing guests who tend to stay 5-7 days who are looking for activities, shopping, and great dining experiences. The resort is a huge contributor to our local economy.

Best Kept Secret

We asked Max what she thought was the Zermatt’s best kept secret and she says, “Most locals aren’t aware of their amazing bakery.” The bakery serves pastries, croissants, fruit tarts, paninis, and like any great bakery, coffee, and tea. If you’re a local and you haven’t been to the bakery, you had better get there – and try the croissant.

The Heber Valley Chamber has partnered with the Zermatt on several promotions, events, and other community-related projects. We are excited to recognize Zermatt Utah as the February 2020 Business of the Month.

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