Women In Business Luncheon

Last week, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Women in Business” forum in which four prominent women from a variety of backgrounds shared their experiences in hopes to help out and inspire others.

The panel of four included Reggan Jastram, owner of Innovative Reality, Marty Harger a wellness entrepreneur, Valarie Kamdar, owner of Love Your Pet Bakery, and Susie English, Senior Marketing Brand Manager for Deer Valley Resort. Each of the panelist brought a unique perspective of their working career to the conversation. Sunny Street, vice president of Zions Bank in Heber, moderated the panel.

Though the meeting was directed toward women in business, the stories and insights shared by the panel were valuable for all. The panelists were asked questions about the way the find balance in their lives, leaving their mark, what they look for in mentors, and what advice they might give to other women, or young girls that may be considering a career in business.

Life Lessons

Jastram, speaking of balance, said for her a freeing moment came when she realized she can’t do it all, and that’s ok. She said being a mom doesn’t mean she has to be able to do everything, and when she decided that all she could do was her best, it became a moment of real power in her life.

Asked about leaving their mark in a male dominate work environment can be challenging, but Harger shared the importance of feedback and not allowing herself to take it personally. When some receives positive or negative feedback they can either grow from it or shrink from it, said Harger.

Mentors can have a great role in fostering learning and a healthy career. Each of the panelists shared what having a mentor has done for their careers. Kamdar expressed multiple times how important quality relationships are in the business world. Having a mentor to look to in times of struggles or to share ideas is a very valuable relationship.

After years in their careers the panelists looked back through their journey and were able to offer some sage advice. English said that it really takes courage to find what you want and follow your heart. Sometimes we get stuck in what is easy for us to do, English said for her success has come when she has reached beyond her comfort zone.

Audience participation and turn our for the Women In Business Luncheon was strong, and the chamber looks forward to having an annual meeting its kind in the coming years.

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