Wasatch School District Considers Moving 2020 Spring Break To Match UVU Spring Break

While Wasatch County School District students, parents and teachers look forward to their spring break the first week of April. The school board is considering changing Spring Break for 2020 to line up with a University’s spring break.

Listen to Wasatch School District spokeswoman Kirsta Albert explain why the school board is considering a change to scheduled Spring Break for 2020 at KPCW.org.

“Our number one initiative in terms of student achievement is focused on academics. We also have 300 students at the high school who are in distance learning with Utah Valley University. What happens is we end up with 300 students when we have spring break who have to either stay put while their family goes on spring break or miss some of their course work which is the worst-case scenario. Proposing to align our spring break with UVU will allow the distance education students to have the same spring break as the rest of the students in the district, as their peers. The real benefit though is also the additional instruction time after spring break before the end of level testing begins. It’s sort of a natural break between 3rd and 4th terms. So, they come back and they start their fourth term instead of coming back midway into the 4th term and then you’ve lost some ground. So, it gives that nice academic break between 3rd and 4th term.”

The calendar is still under consideration and open to comment until the next Wasatch School Board meeting. Comments can be sent to the Director of Operations and Human Resources Shawn Kelly emails can be sent to [email protected]

“We are just grateful for the input that we have received in the past based on surveys administered to staff and parents of district students,” Albert said. “All of that feedback is taken into consideration as we consider a future calendar. That feedback is absolutely at the root of any decisions that are made. Those are recommendations that we then take to the board of ed for their final determination.”

Albert clarified the calendar change would only impact Spring break and would not change the first or last day of school. You can find the proposed calendar and links to other future items out for public review here.

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