Wasatch High Students Finish 2nd In Statewide Stock Market Game

High school students across the state competed in a stock market game simulation sponsored by the Utah State Treasurer office. Of the over 400 teams, students from Wasatch High School finished 2nd.

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For 10 weeks, Wasatch High School Financial Literacy students Austin Clayson, Matt Johnston, and Krew Roland participated in the stock market game by investing a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks traded on the New York and Nasdaq Stock Exchanges. At the end of the 10 weeks the Wasatch High Students increased their equity by $19,000, just $2,000 shy of the first-place group from the Utah County Academy of Science.

The students invested in Costco, Yeti, McDonalds and NXP Semiconductors. The students also invested in Nike but later sold the stock for Quidel. The students reported their best performing stock was Yeti. The Texas-based manufacturer creates coolers and ramblers. The students bought the stock thinking product sales would be up as the weather warmed, they were correct as Yeti stock rose 76% over the 10-week period.

The students were honored at an awards banquet with their parents, teacher Susan Edwards, and Financial Advisor Scott Phillips on Friday in Salt Lake City.

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