Wasatch County Upgraded To Stay At Home Order

Wasatch County Council announced the upgrade to a Stay at Home Monday afternoon, The order goes into effect April 1st at 7:00 am.

Wasatch County Health Department Director Randall Probst read the announcement. The meeting was streamed live at council chambers. You can find a link to the stream here.

The whole order can be read here.

Non-essential businesses and operations are ordered to cease. definition of essential vs. non-essential businesses can be found in the order.

The order says residents can only leave their house for limited activities while applying social distancing. Residents can still go to the store if needed but are encouraged to keep it minimal. Residents can do yard work, go on walks and exercise, go on a leisurely drive, visit public lands all allowed while practicing social distancing practices. Playground and park equipment are closed. Recreational visitors including outdoor recreation and campers may not come into the county. Employees can go work in other counties if your work is allowed in that county, though residents are encouraged to stay home if you can.

The order also asks if you have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, STAY HOME unless you need medical care! If needed, ask a neighbor or friend to buy essential supplies for you, leave them at your door. Exchange money electronically if you can.

The county encourages socialization and business to be conducted by phone and computer.

This order remains in effect until April 14, 2020, unless amended or extended by a subsequent order.

Probst pointed out that Wasatch County had the 2nd highest case number per capita in Utah, and they are in the top 50 counties per capita in the nation.

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