Wasatch County Taxpayers Association Hosting Debate For Heber City Council Candidates On Monday

The Wasatch County Taxpayers Association is holding a debate for Heber City Council Candidates. The Monday night event will allow for a deeper dive into issues important to Heber City residents.

The debate is scheduled for 7:00 pm Monday September 30th at the Heber Public Safety Building at 301 S Main Street. Heber City Council Candidates Rachel Kahler, Mike Johnston, Ryan Stack, Perry Rose as well as incumbent council members Jeff Bradshaw and Ron Crittenden are all planning to attend the event.

Tracy Taylor, of the Wasatch County Taxpayers Association says the organization already did interviews with all the candidates running, she adds this event will be structured differently.

“We’re going to choose two or three questions to ask them and they get to discuss it for 20-25 minutes,” Taylor explained. “If there’s a decent amount of audience present, we’ll let the audience ask their own questions. So, that may take another 10-15 minutes at the end.”

Taylor says in all they expect the event to run about an hour and a half.

“It should be an interesting discussion,” Taylor continued. “You know I just don’t want them to go right down the line answering simply. Let’s have a discussion about some of the major issues Heber city is going to have in the next 5-10 years and how they think we should deal with them.”

Taylor says that they’ll record the event and post the video online, allowing residents to view the debate while ballots are out.

Voters will be allowed to vote for three of the six candidates. The top three vote earners will be elected to the city council.

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