Wasatch County Issues New Health Order

The new order issued by the Wasatch County Health Department follows the Governor’s directive issued Friday that state parks be open to residents outside of the county. While the health department has opened the state parks, they are not encouraging travelers to come into the county.

Park playground equipment is closed but public lands are otherwise available for residents to use for recreation.

The order also encourages residents to wear masks when they do leave their homes and go someplace such as the store where they may be in proximity of others.

The order also asks residents to continue to follow the guidelines given, as County Health Department Director Randall Probst says the better those guidelines are followed, the sooner businesses can return to a new normal.

“This new order provides increased flexibility while emphasizing protective measures such as personal distancing, and adds the recommendation to wear a mask in public,” said Probst, “It is a next step that will allow individuals, families and businesses to prepare and to take steps toward reopening and recovery.”

The new order went into effect Tuesday evening at 5:00 and will remain in place until May 1.

The full order can be read here.

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