Wasatch County Health Department Holding Safety Fair On Tuesday

At the end of spring break Wasatch County elementary school children were challenged by the county health department to complete a mile by mile marathon. The challenge wraps up with a safety fair on Tuesday.

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Jonelle Fitzgerald, Health Promotion Director for the Wasatch County Health Department says instead of running 26 miles all at once, Wasatch children were asked to run 25 miles over the course of the month or participate in 30 minutes of any form of active play which also equals one mile. Students should have one final mile left for the run on Tuesday May 21st.

“After kids finish 25 miles, if they do that before the safe kids fair, they can register and come and participate in the last 1.2 mile. That finishes their mile by mile marathon. So, that last mile happens at the safe kids fair or they run into the fair where they’ll come in under an archway and receive their metal and a T shirt for the mile by mile marathon that they’ve completed. It’s a super fun program, that just encourages kids to be active and get some exercise and be healthy.”

Fitzgerald says they don’t have final numbers yet, but registration is usually between 150 and 200 kids.

Runners will meet at 4:45 at the Legacy Bridge on Midway Lane and make their way to Southfield Park. The park will not only be the finish line for the mile by mile marathon but also the location of the Kid’s Health and Safety Fair.

“We have a number of things there for young kids and for families. Car seats, helmets, all kinds of resources that are available in the community. As well as some blow up slides and some fun things for them to do. A number of community agencies are involved in putting on this fair. They are there to help people know what resources that their agencies provide, and also make it a super fun night for the kids and their families.”

Other activities at the fair include bike registration, free health screenings, state park passes, face painting and balloons.

For more information you can call the Wasatch County Health Department 435-657-3260.

“They can definitely call the Health Department if they want more information or jump on Wasatch county’s website to register for the marathon. There’s more information about the fair there as well.”

You can find a link to the Health Departments page here.

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