Wasatch County Government Aiding Business Community As They Prepare For Next Phase In Pandemic

Utah’s COVID-19 task force has marked this Friday, May 1st as a date for a gradual re-opening of the state. Wasatch County is busy preparing local businesses for when the county decides to open.

Wasatch County Manager Mike Davis says while essential businesses such as grocery stores have remained open, if the county is to begin opening other businesses there will be provisions. Davis explains Health Department Director Randall Probst has been working with businesses creating a plan for eventual re-opening of services.

“They have to have a plan in place for masks, gloves, social distancing, and so forth,” Davis continued. “(Randall Probst) has been working with those plans. So if that happens, it’ll likely happen on the 1st.”

Businesses who have a plan in place can apply to the county for needed supplies. The county has ordered hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and 50,000 surgical masks to make available to businesses. Davis says the county will spend $60,000 this week on supplies and will continue to order them as needed.

The county is ordering the supplies in part because of established connections and also because they can order in mass volume.

“We’re using every avenue we can to find these types of supplies. When they’re in short supply I think it’s a little bit who you know,” Davis said.

Davis says that they’ll ask businesses who use the supplies to pay the county back at cost. Although a few businesses might not be able to pay for the supplies upfront.

“Some of these businesses without income have just drained their savings accounts,” Davis explained. “So hopefully we can help them get back on their feet”

Businesses with questions about necessary supplies and general inquiries about economic response to COVID-19 in the Heber Valley can reach out to the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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