Wasatch County Council Wednesday Agenda Includes Wallsburg Zoning Discussion And Memorial Hill MOU

Wasatch County Council meets Wednesday evening. The council will discuss growth in the Jordanelle and Wallsburg as well as a request to build a memorial for US Armed Forces Veterans.

Wasatch County Council meets in a regular session Wednesday at the county administration building located at 25 North Main in Heber. The council will begin at 3:00 pm with a presentation on a census partnership program, this ahead of the 2020 census.

Afterwards the council will discuss and possibly approve a memorandum of understanding between the county, the American Legion, Midway City and the developers of Whitaker Farm. The MOU is in regard to a desire from the American Legion to build a memorial on or near Memorial Hill for county residents who have served in the US armed forces. The county is considering asking that Midway City, and the developer who has obligations to build a roundabout and parking lot at the base of Memorial Hill work with the legion to ensure some sort of monument or flag be placed in the round-about.

The county council will also hear a request for amendments to the already approved Mayflower Marina west Master Plan. That development is located on the east side of US 40 on both sides of Deer hollow Road. The development is requesting an additional 46,000 square feet of commercial, an additional 43 affordable housing units, and an additional 53 equivalent residential units. As well as 1,000 parking spots.

Finally, Wasatch County Council will hold a public hearing at 6:00 pm regarding changes to the General Plan as it relates to the Wallsburg Planning Area. And the South Hills Planning Area. The changes would allow for increased density in P-160 zones. A Public hearing regarding this same topic was scheduled for the September 4th council meeting but was delayed because of technical difficulties.

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