Wasatch County Council Meets Wednesday Evening

Wasatch County Council meets on Wednesday at 3:00 pm. The council meets at the County Administration building located at 25 North Main in Heber.

The council will have a conversation with Midway City regarding a proposed round about on River Road near the entrance to Memorial Hill.

As part of his County manager report, Mike Davis will provide a fiscal analysis of events in Wasatch County to the council.

At 6:00 pm the council will hold a public hearing. Paul Berg, representing SJL Canyon Meadows and Reserve Properties is requesting an amended plat approval for Canyon Meadows A and B as well as the Glades and the Junipers at Canyon Meadows. That development is located west of Deer Creek Reservoir on the north side of 189.

The proposed changes would add open space to the Canyon Meadows development while maintaining the existing number of units. It would also upgrade roads, install a sewer and wastewater treatment system and upgrade the water system.

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