Wasatch County Announces Extension Of ‘Stay At Home’ Order Through May 1

On Monday evening Wasatch County Health Department announced the extension of their ‘Stay at Home’ order.

Wasatch County Health Department Director Randall Probst says after consideration and meeting with community leaders they announced that the ‘Stay at Home’ order originally given on April 1 will be extended through May 1.

The order requires that all nonessential businesses and operations cease. The order also asks residents to only leave their homes for limited activities while applying social distancing.

Probst said the week they’ll be working to prepare to help businesses be ready to open up more widely by the end of the month.

“We’ll be meeting with our local businesses and helping them identify what it’s going to take for the next few months to continue to operate in as safe a way as we can,” Probst continued. “Including helping them know what they’re going to need in terms of protective equipment, and cleaning supplies, and steps that might need to be taken in order to be able to function. So over the next week our goal is to meet and identify those things and give them time to get those materials and things in hand. Hopefully, they’ll be available as we move forward. Right now, they have not been available. They’ve been pretty well used by all of our essential services including our health care system, but more have been coming available.”

Probst added they are appreciative of the feedback they’ve received.

“A number of businesses that have been willing to call and say look we’re not excited about this,” Probst said. “We support what’s happening and if we need to go till May 1st we’re willing to do that. They are looking for some help in figuring out how they’re going to get back to business and so are we. We’re anxious to make that happen.”

The extended order will be posted on the county coronavirus page in the coming days.

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