Utah Fire Marshall Releases Sales And Discharge Dates For Fireworks

With Independence Day Celebrations coming next week, firework season is nearly here.

According to the Utah State Fire Marshall Class C fireworks can be sold now through July 25th.

Discharge of the fireworks is allowed two days before and one day after both Independence Day and Pioneer Day in Utah. You can set off your fireworks between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm on those days. On Independence and Pioneer Days fireworks can be discharged until midnight.

Wasatch County Fire PIO Janet Carson says they have not set any restrictions on fireworks so far this year.

“There are firework stands being set up right now in Wasatch County getting ready to sell and we haven’t put down any restrictions,” Carson explained. “I know there are subdivisions, private communities that do have their own restrictions that are above the restrictions that we are posting. Red Ledges has restrictions, Timber Lakes, you know those types of urban interface areas do have restrictions above that.”

Carson mentions some key factors for residents to consider before launching fireworks.

“We’ve had quite a bit of wind and if the wind continues that will be an issue,” Carson continued. “It usually does slow down at night, but the wind is going to be an issue. So be careful where you set them off in case there’s a chance that they could blow a spark, or you know something into the grass. The tall grass is still green right now and we don’t have a high fire warning right now, but still always be cautious.”

She also warned people to be careful with children around fireworks.

“That they’re wearing clothes that are fire retardant things like that so that they don’t get a spark and get burned,” Carson said. “Never let the kids set them off, always have an adult supervise.”

Class C fireworks can also be sold and set off near New Years and Chinese New Year’s.

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